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happy st. patricks day

im sure a bunch of you are having a blast, getting plastered & whatnot. unfortunately, i am unable to join in the festivities, as i am stuck in this cubicle until 11pm. im hoping you kids will post pictures of your drunken escapades, so i can live vicariously through you.

drunken cousin extraordinaire.

& just for kicks, gerson in drag.

hair pics. its pretty much the same as ive had it before. the only difference is that the bangs & length are shorter & it has more choppy layers. it gives me the whole "thundercats! - HO!" look cuz of the spikey-ish parts at the top. i dont know if you can really tell in these pictures. i was so happy to cam-whore though, i havent in a while. ha! i hate being so vain.

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mmm, mmm, mm i suck toes for crack!
ahhh! jkjkjkjkjk I HATE FEET!
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fishlips! this reminds me of
Image hosted by

this is me, post cosmetic surgery.
rhinoplasty, cheek implants, botox, & collagen.
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nah, chillz.
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pouty faces are zee best, no?
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fuck those emo bitches! \m/
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