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[x]name:Caleigh, my friends call me calbaby
[x]location:chapel hill nc
[x]10 favorite bands: -los amigos invisables -le tigre- M.I.A-pretty girls make graves-cat power-PEACHES- against me-gene vincent-hillbilly helcats -cheap sex
[x]best show you've been to: peaches...or h8
[x]favorite shop(s):time after time and untidy museum (local vintage)
[x]best accesory: sunglasses, i have 17 pairs and growing :)
[x]favorite fashion era: 50s and forties

&&&what are your feelings on...
[x]tye dye: wear it properly. where im from there are alot of hippies floating throughfrom the mountains so im used to it i guess
[x]stripes and polka dots:together ? even better
[x]white belts:bah,scenescene things they are. i admit i have one. and i luff it. but i do get sick of seeing htem
[x]bandanas: ninja style
[x]scarves: audrey hepurn style, around my head driving and big black sunglasses !
[x]buttons: i love, i have a button clutch from aldo that my granny gave me. we are inseprable

&&&last but not least...
[x]prove your intelligence to us by saying something that sounds smart:;; illgiveyouarandomfactoffthetv? thomas jefferson before he would ever hire someone would take out his potential employees to lunch. And he would judge their intelligence on whether or not they seasoned (put salt and pepper) on their food before the acually tasted it. Tricky man i say
[x]what makes you the coolest person ever? im not, I am a dork.But mod #2 is a hawt lovely thing, we have the same pgmg shirt, anderea zollo signed mine ! haha... i like making dresses and dancing with my love.
[x]why do you want to get in?so i can comment on everyones lovely pictures
[x]how did you find out about this community?i typed elite into intrests
[x]show us two places where you promoted (link please):


me with long hair. sorry thats the only full shot of me i have ?


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