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&&&let us get to know you...
[x]name: Kelsea
[x]location: Ludlow Mass
[x]10 favorite bands: Blindside, Billy Talent, Silverstien, FeFe Dobson, Taking back sunday, This day and age, Alannah Myles, Heart, Hellogoodbye, Yellowcard.
[x]best show you've been to: Kiss chirstmas concert. [2yrsago] my parents dont like me going to concerts.
[x]favorite shop(s): Pac Sun, American eagle, Sears, Pennnys.
[x]best accesory: my rainbow necklace my bestfriend baught for me.
[x]favorite fashion era: the 50's. Because its changed so much.

&&&what are your feelings on...
[x]tye dye: eh, i dont care fore it. But sometimes its really pretty.
[x]stripes and polka dots: Im obsessed with them. They're like my life. They're so pretty.
[x]white belts: I got more for black belts.
[x]bandanas: My mom wears them, on her, they look bad.
[x]scarves: = love. Expecially in the winter!
[x]buttons: my sister is obsessed with them. The way she re-aranged & organizes them on her bags and stuff is sp pretty.

&&&last but not least...
[x]prove your intelligence to us by saying something that sounds smart:
[x]what makes you the coolest person ever? IM the coolest person every because i can lick my elbow.Theres probally some of you people out there reading this and can do it too. And if you can. YOUR COOL.
[x]why do you want to get in? because, this seems like an awesome community. and i'd love to be a part of it.
[x]how did you find out about this community? i saw a banner there.
[x]show us two places where you promoted (link please):

&&&and 3+ pictures, with at least two showing off your incredible fashion sense:
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