brittany. (thefigureeight) wrote in elektric_sex,

&&&let us get to know you...

[x]name: brittany faye baker.
[x]age: sixteen
[x]location: california
[x]10 favorite bands: gravy train!!!!, the faint, tegan & sara, the sound of animals fighting, fear before the march of flames, the snake the cross the crown, le tigre, evergreen terrace, bright eyes/comander venus, tilly and the wall.
[x]best show you've been to: the bled, just because it was an awesome time, and the sound wasn't off for once.
[x]favorite shop(s): bella, tangerine, thrift shops,
[x]best accesory: i love my peace sign necklace.
[x]favorite fashion era: er. the whole mod thing was pretty tight.

&&&what are your feelings on...
[x]tye dye: i like it honestly, just not when it's overboard, hardcore tye dye.
[x]stripes and polka dots: neat.
[x]white belts: i like brown belts better, white ones have gone hottopic here.
[x]bandanas: straight up gangster.
[x]scarves: great, it gets cold here.
[x]buttons: band buttons? um they are okay, i guess. well no, not really, they bug me.

&&&last but not least...
[x]prove your intelligence to us by saying something that sounds smart: every thing we own, we see, we think, we hear, everything comes down to 0123456789.
[x]what makes you the coolest person ever? my mom said so.
[x]why do you want to get in? i have nothing else to live for.
[x]how did you find out about this community? randomly typed in "you" in interests.
[x]show us two places where you promoted (link please):

oh heres my face.

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