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New // applying

&&&let us get to know you...
[x]name: Jess
[x]age: Eighteen
[x]location: New Jersey
[x]10 favorite bands: Nora, Norma Jean, Converge, Daughters, Boys Night Out, Mae, Underoath, Bright Eyes, Murder By Death, Coheed and Cambria.
[x]best show you've been to: Montclairfest, a college in Montclair NJ, that had BNO play, it was raining and cold, and there were like twenty kids there, they put on an amazing show, and I was so close and I got some killer pictures, but I got to go with my boyfriend and it was my birthday gift, it was a great day.
[x]favorite shop(s): Vintage Stores, Forever 21, I love the city, Westwood, Montclair.
[x]best accesory: My belts, pearls, my make-up if that counts.
[x]favorite fashion era:The 80s!

&&&what are your feelings on...
[x]tye dye: Tye dye can be a bit much for me, but I like it a lot over all.
[x]stripes and polka dots: I love stripes and polka dots, they are fun and give you that something extra.
[x]white belts: I love my white belts, they make an outift lighter.
[x]bandanas: Never a big fan.
[x]scarves: I love scarves, and they are fashionable and functionable, but they really scratch the hell out of my neck.
[x]buttons: I wear at least three buttons a day, you can give love to your favourite bands, and have a little something extra to your look.

&&&last but not least...
[x]prove your intelligence to us by saying something that sounds smart: Everyone in the world is connected in soem way, if I have never met someone, but I have heard their name, and I know their girlfriend, I am therefore connected to them, and it goes on and on.
[x]what makes you the coolest person ever? I'm not the coolest person in the worl, I won't pretend to be, but I liek to try and make the most fun out of every situation, it dosen't take much for me to have a good time.
[x]why do you want to get in? Because this seems like a really good community, and one that won't die out after a while.
[x]how did you find out about this community? I was searching for communities, and cam across the old one that is going to be deleted soon.
[x]show us two places where you promoted (link please):

&&&and 3+ pictures, with at least two showing off your incredible fashion sense:

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